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Labour Shortages Remains One Of The Biggest Challenges


Critical labour shortages of skilled labour remains the biggest concern facing the construction industry, a nation-wide survey of builders and developers has found. The building and construction industry platform BCI Central says 90 per cent [...]

Bangladesh – Ongoing Political Crisis Is ‘High Risk’


The ongoing countrywide road-rail-waterway blockade imposed by the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its allies has disrupted the supply chains and significantly pushed up the cost of transport because only a fraction of [...]

Political Violence – How Worldwide Events Are Reshaping


Political violence events have long impacted people, property, and balance sheets worldwide. The Russia-Ukraine war, the flare up of tensions between Israel and Hamas, and recent global civil unrest have led to greater awareness of [...]

Israel – Ground Offensive In Gaza Faces Risks


Israel is poised to launch a ground offensive into the northern half of Gaza, an attack that, for all the country’s military superiority, is fraught with uncertainty and potential humanitarian consequences. The military called up [...]

Emerging Markets – Recent Events as a Guide for Investing


  Emerging Markets - Political Risks Emerging market countries offer tantalizing rewards. High growth rates, untapped resources, and burgeoning middle classes can make for attractive investments. But amidst this allure lies an unpredictable nemesis: political [...]

India – Moody’s Defends Political Risk Rating.


    India - In a statement affirming its Baa3 rating on India, Moody's had made note of "the curtailment of civil society and political dissent" and "rising sectarian tensions" and even mentioned the ongoing [...]

Global Bonding – Collapse Drops Bomb


The collapse of Henry Construction has triggered a serious bonding crunch for contractors in the Global Bonding market. Some bond providers are warning firms will now find it much more difficult and costly to raise [...]

Pakistan : Operational Risks to Increase


The arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan in a corruption case escalated nationwide protests by his Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) party. The demonstrations are one of the many challenges faced by the incumbent Pakistan Democratic [...]

Ransomware – To Pay or Not to Pay


All businesses are susceptible to cyberattack and 2022 demonstrated that even companies with multiple layers of cybersecurity protection are no exception. With each cyberattack comes the likelihood of a ransomware demand — a scenario that [...]

Political Instability Is Fuelling Unprecedented Business Losses


War in Ukraine, tension between China and Taiwan, climate change, conflict in Sudan, and rogue states have all added to the geopolitical risk facing companies. Global political instability is fuelling corporate losses on an unparalleled scale. [...]

Sudan – Regional Implications of Conflict


  Armed confrontations in Sudan are likely to persist over the coming weeks but there is a low probability of this directly leading to fighting or other related violence in neighbouring countries. It is doubtful [...]

Fitch Downgrades France’s Credit Rating


The assessment by Fitch ratings comes barely a week after Macron suggested that his government may be in danger as far-right leader Marine Le Pen continues to make gains. Fitch Ratings on Friday downgraded France's debt worthiness [...]

Political Peril Now “Everyone’s Risk”


More than 90% of companies have suffered a political risk loss in the last year. Nine out of 10 companies have suffered a political risk loss in the last year, according to a new report. [...]

No Place to Hide for Global Investors


No place to hide for global investors after days of government-shaking protests in Israel and France, the war in Ukraine and the most acrimonious U.S.-China relationship since the reign of Mao Zedong and the prospect [...]

Pirates Hijacked Danish Ship


The French navy found the hijacked “Monjasa Reformer” in the Gulf of Guinea but six members of its crew had been kidnapped. An oil and chemical tanker hijacked in the Gulf of Guinea has been located [...]

Kidnapping of Scientists Threatens Field Research


After kidnapping of a group of archaeologists and taken hostage, researchers are looking to beef up security and reassess risk. Scientists in Australia say fieldwork and international research collaboration in Papua New Guinea are in [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Surety Contract Bonds


What Is A Surety Contract Bonds Surety Contract Bonds provide protection to the Principal of a Contract against the default of the Contractor. A Surety Contract Bond is an undertaking by an independent third party to [...]

Netanyahu’s Brush With Death


Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his office in Jerusalem, and then tours Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and lays a wreath at the [...]

Ghana: Political Risk Classification Recently Downgraded


The risk of a sovereign default or profound debt restructuring has increased over the past three months. Ghana turned to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in July 2022 for a USD 3 billion financial support [...]

Surety Bonding Provides Strong Economic Value


Bonded project portfolios outperform non-bonded portfolios A study conducted by Ernst & Young's (EY) - The Economic Value of Surety Bonds finds construction projects protected by surety have lower rates of contractor default, lower cost [...]

Europe Threat to Infrastructure


Further attacks on energy infrastructure are likely in the coming months – assessment Dragonfly's Security Intelligence & Analysis Service.  This follows explosions against non-operational gas pipelines in the North Sea, which Russia was very probably [...]

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