A robotics startup has secured funding to scale-up the number of robot brick-laying machines it can deploy on sites and increase the types of blocks and construction tasks the robots can manage.

The Dutch based firm Monumental completed its first large-scale 15-metre facade for an office and warehouse building last year.

Contractors can hire Monumental as a subcontractor to bring in its robots to work as bricklayers autonomously across the site and alongside humans.

This removes the financial risk to contractors involved in purchasing and operating the machines while also reducing the risk of having to learn and validate the tech.

The robots are fitted with advanced sensors, cutting-edge computer vision and small cranes. Each Monumental robot can place bricks and mortar in industrial and residential walls with human-level precision, accuracy and efficiency.

Salar al Khafaji, co-founder and CEO at Monumental, said: “The construction industry is one of the largest and most important in the world, yet it’s held back by global labour shortages and rising supply chain costs.

“At Monumental, we’re working to help the industry meet these challenges. Our agile, intelligent, and adaptable robots and software blend human expertise with robotic efficiency in a way that the industry has never seen before. They will revolutionise not just how buildings are constructed but transform the economics of the construction industry itself.”

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