More than 10,000 terrorist attacks are carried out around the world every year, endangering the staff, assets and operations of international organisations. In today’s complex geo-political environment, incidents of political risk, political violence, war and terrorism can no longer be pinpointed on a map to areas like the Middle East, Africa and parts of South America. While those jurisdictions remain high-risk, the threat of terrorism is now a global peril and is something that all multi-national organisations should have on their radar.

International organisations can purchase insurance to protect their staff and their operations against the perils of political risk, political violence, war and terrorism. Insurance options are available for purchase as coverage extensions to existing policies or as standalone insurance products – the suitability of which can be measured around the unique risk profiles of the organisations and the countries they’re operating in.

Stening Simpson has worked with businesses in conflict zones for over 40 years, providing organisations with tailored coverage to guard against the risks of civil unrest, looting, riots, war, and terrorism. The firm dictates that in today’s rapidly changing political climate, no matter where an international organisation is operating, an all-inclusive insurance policy with political violence included will help mitigate risk.