Nigeria – Unidentified gunmen attacked a police-guarded vehicle convoy along the Ibese to Itori route in Ogun State. Following clashes between the gunmen and police, the assailants abducted a Swiss national and his driver. Two people were injured during the confrontation. The identity of the assailants is unclear. There have been no reported ransom demands.

Kidnapping poses a high threat in Nigeria for both locals and foreign nationals. Most kidnappings in Nigeria are financially motivated and conducted by criminal groups of varying levels of sophistication.

Exercise a high degree of vigilance due to the threat of kidnapping in Nigeria. Do not discuss plans and routes publicly. If operating in the area in the long term, vary routes and times of travel and ensure the use of secure transport.

The largest industries in Nigeria are petroleum industry, tourism, agriculture, and mining. The petroleum industry currently suffers from oil theft, which is believed to cost the country potential revenues valued as much as USD 10.9 billion. Significant oil losses are also recorded due to oil spills.