As of 13 August 2020, Mozambique’s armed forces are conducting an operation to regain control of the Mocimboa da Praia port — located in the northern Cabo Delgado province — from Islamic State (IS)-linked militants, while the Tanzanian government has stated that it will launch an offensive operation against the militants along its border with northern Mozambique. IS-linked militants seized control of the major port town during the evening of 11 August after government troops fighting the militants retreated due to a low supply of munitions. The militants launched the initial attack overnight on 5-6 August; security forces stationed in the town and helicopter gunships operated by a South African private security firm had parried the takeover until 11 August. Additionally, IS claimed to have taken over two military bases, located in the vicinity of Mocimboa da Praia, and killed an unspecified number of soldiers. IS stated that its militants obtained weapons and ammunition from the two barracks. Such attacks began in 2017 and have increased in frequency in the province in recent months. IS-affiliated groups frequently perpetrate these attacks, including one that occurred in June 2020 for which the Islamic State Central Africa Province (ISCAP) claimed responsibility.