According to a media report from 13 January 2021, the U.S. Secret Service issued a bulletin on 11 January warning of additional armed protests in the capital Washington, D.C., in the lead-up to and during the 59th Presidential Inauguration on 20 January. The Secret Service anticipates the protests — one of which is being organized by the “Boogaloo Bois,” an extremist group that seeks a second civil war in the U.S. — to become violent before the inaugural ceremony. An additional pre-inaugural demonstration being organized by the Tree of Liberty group, which is affiliated with the Boogaloo movement, calls for armed citizens to gather in Washington, D.C., and all 50 U.S. state capitals. Another Million Militia March is reportedly being organized by a group calling itself the “1st Regiment of the Restored American Republic.” Conversely, most other planned demonstrations and political gatherings, organized by both left-wing and right-wing groups, are expected to conclude peacefully. The latest report follows an internal FBI memo that warned of armed protests being planned in the U.S. Capitol and 50 state capitols in the lead-up to Inauguration Day. In the meantime, the U.S. Department of Defense authorized an additional 5,000 National Guard personnel to be deployed to Washington, D.C., bringing the total number to 20,000 troops. As many as 15,000 National Guard personnel are already being deployed in and around Capitol Hill. A federal state of emergency is in effect in the capital, where the Secret Service launched National Special Security Event operations for the inauguration on 13 January