Authorities in the state of Victoria have issued a health advisory following the confirmation of a case of avian influenza A (H5N1) infection, also known as “bird flu.” This is the first human case of H5N1 avian influenza in Australia. The infection, confirmed in a child, was acquired in India, where there have been reports of outbreaks of HPAI A (H5N1) in poultry in various states, and detected as part of Victoria’s enhanced surveillance system. No further cases have been identified during contact tracing. This case is not linked to the outbreak of avian influenza among birds at a poultry farm in Victoria.

It is rare for bird flu viruses to infect humans, and severity of symptoms in humans has varied from no symptoms to mild illness to severe disease resulting in death, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For further information on transmission, symptoms, prevention and treatment please refer here.