As of 30 March 2020, confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continue to increase significantly across Europe. At present, there are eight countries that have surpassed 10,000 confirmed cases: Italy (97,689), Spain (85,195), Germany (62,435), France (40,747), the U.K. (19,788), Switzerland (15,475), Belgium (11,899) and the Netherlands (11,814). Most countries in the continent remain under lockdown or quarantine measures, and affected countries continue to extend restrictions into April. Significant transportation disruptions continue due to increased restrictions and travel bans.

On 28 March Ireland implemented nationwide lockdown restrictions that are expected to remain in place through 12 April. During the lockdown, residents are only permitted to leave their homes to travel to work, obtain essential goods, seek medical care or exercise within 2 km (1 mi) of their home. Officials also banned all public and private gatherings and have limited all travel to offshore islands to residents only. Additionally, the U.K.’s island of Jersey announced an island-wide lockdown from 30 March through 30 April.

Meanwhile, Russian officials announced that all border crossings will be indefinitely closed beginning on 30 March. Restrictions apply to all vehicle, rail, pedestrian and sea checkpoints in the country, with exceptions for diplomats and Russian freight drivers. Additionally, officials in Moscow implemented a citywide quarantine. Residents of the city will only be allowed to seek medical care, shop for essential goods or go to work. Authorities stated that special passes would be introduced and will be required for anyone leaving their home.

In Slovenia, officials announced nationwide restrictions on domestic travel and stated that residents would no longer be allowed to travel outside of their home municipality unless traveling to work or seeking medical care. The restrictions also include a requirement to wear gloves and a mask when entering public locations such as markets. Additionally, the country extended a ban on flights from the EU until 13 April and commercial flights from outside of the EU have been banned until further notice.