Nationwide demonstrations over income inequality, police brutality and youth unemployment are expected to continue for a 40th consecutive day on 7 June 2021. The National Strike Committee unilaterally suspended an ongoing dialogue with the Colombian government on 6 June, citing the government’s refusal to sign a pre-agreement reached on 24 May, while government negotiators claim that the pre-agreement on various issues was only a draft.

Meanwhile, on 6 June President Iván Duque announced reforms to Colombia’s policing policies, following accusations of police brutality during the ongoing protests. The reforms include the creation of a police human rights directorate, improved human rights training for officers, the creation of a new complaints system, the implementation of disciplinary standards for officers, establishment of legitimate use of force criteria and increased oversight of officers by incorporating body cameras on uniforms. Duque stated that he will submit his proposals to Congress during the next legislative session in July.