Nationwide demonstrations over income inequality, police brutality and youth unemployment are expected to continue for a 35th consecutive day on 2 June 2021. The National Strike Committee has organized demonstrations for 2 and 9 June. A meeting between representatives of the government and the National Strike Committee on 1 June concluded without an agreement, as the government continues to demand that all roadblocks be lifted before further progress can be made. However, the Ombudsman’s Office of Colombia announced on 1 June that 31 roadblocks have been lifted in 10 departments following mediation with local entities and protesters, while mediation continues on removing the remaining 62 roadblocks in the departments of Arauca, Cauca, Cundinamarca, Huila, Nariño, Norte de Santander, Putumayo and Valle del Cauca. Government and National Strike Committee representatives are expected to meet again on 3 June.

Demonstrations are scheduled to occur at various times in major cities across the country. In Bogotá, protesters plan to gather during the morning hours at a number of locations, including the intersection of Avenida Primero de Mayo and Carrera Décima, Plaza Fundacional de Bosa, Parque Nacional and National University. In addition, gatherings in the capital are expected to occur at Portal de las Américas at 1400 local time and the Monumento Sierra Morena at 1430 local time. In Medellín, protesters plan to gather at the Association of Institutes of Antioquia during the morning hours and march to Parque San Antonio and Parque de las Luces before concluding the rally at the Parque de los Deseos. In Barranquilla, protesters plan to gather at the intersection of Calle Murillo and Carrera Octava and along Carrera 45 and Calle 40 before proceeding to the Gobernación del Atlántico.