On 18 January 2024, government officials announced the immediate implementation of an evening curfew due to vandalism and violent clashes between protesters, who are contesting the re-election of President Azali Assoumani, and security personnel. In the capital Moroni, the curfew will be effective from 1900-0600 local time (1600-0300 UTC), while the rest of Comoros will be subject to a 2200-0600 local time curfew. Violent clashes and protester roadblocks occurred throughout Moroni following the National Electoral Commission’s 17 January reaffirmation of President Assoumani’s victory, with the most recent epicenter of protester activity being Independence Square in the Coulée district. Opposition leaders claimed the elections were neither free nor fair, citing instances of ballot stuffing and early poll closures. At least one death and multiple injuries and arrests connected to the violence have been reported.