During the evening hours of 9 August 2022, suspected cartel members erected flaming blockades on city streets and exchanged gunfire with security personnel in the Guadalajara metropolitan area in Jalisco state. The roadblocks — intended to impede the movement of law enforcement personnel — were reported at five intersections in the northern areas of Loma El Pedregal, Paseo de las Bosques and Zapopan. Gunmen forced drivers out of their vehicles at each intersection and then set fire to the vehicles to create blockades. There were no reported casualties due to the events. Local media reports suggest that the shootout and blockades occurred in response to the arrest and detention of a Jalisco New Generation Cartel leader. Criminals also erected blockades in the cities of Irapuato and Celaya, both located in adjacent Guanajuato state, and set fire to several stores in those cities