At approximately 2220 local time on 21 January 2023 (0620 UTC on 22 January), a gunman opened fire in a ballroom dance studio in the southern California city of Monterrey Park — located about 7 mi (11 km) east of downtown Los Angeles — during Lunar New Year celebrations. Ten people were killed in the shooting and 10 others were wounded. Approximately 20 minutes later, the assailant entered another ballroom in the adjacent city of Alhambra but encountered resistance from patrons of the ballroom and fled the scene. No one was injured at the latter site. Police officers pursuing the suspect located his vehicle the next day in the city of Torrance and found his body inside; he apparently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Authorities have launched an investigation and are looking into the suspect’s criminal and mental health records to determine a motive for the shooting