At approximately 2000 local time (1900 UTC) on 2 November 2020, at least one gunman targeted six locations around Schwedenplatz – a square located in the central area of the capital city Vienna — in what authorities have described as an Islamist terrorist attack. The attack reportedly began in the vicinity of the Seitenstettengasse synagogue before the gunman moved to the other locations. police officers later shot and killed the attacker. Four people were killed, and 17 more were injured. Authorities have conducted a search of the deceased gunman’s apartment, and approximately 1,000 more police officers have been deployed throughout the city to assist in searching for any potential accomplices; authorities have made several arrests in relation to the shooting. Officials have also warned residents of Vienna to remain home if possible. The interior minister stated that the gunman was previously convicted in April 2019 of attempting to join the Islamic State in Syria but was released from prison in December 2019 because he was a juvenile.