On 21 May 2024, the New Zealand and Australian governments began to evacuate their citizens from the French territory of New Caledonia. Approximately 50 New Zealanders departed the capital Nouméa on board a New Zealand Defense Force aircraft. Another flight is scheduled to depart New Caledonia on 22 May, and additional flights are expected to operate in order to evacuate approximately 250 New Zealanders remaining in the territory. Meanwhile, the first of two planned evacuation flights to Australia returned approximately 100 Australians. At least 200 Australians wishing to depart New Caledonia currently remain stranded. Authorities in New Zealand and Australia have stated that flights will be prioritized for passengers with pressing needs. Australian authorities have warned individuals not to attempt to travel to the airport by themselves, citing unsafe conditions on the roadway leading to the airport and have stated that tourists from other countries will also be assisted in departing the territory. Although several flights have departed the territory, La Tontouta International Airport (NWWW/NOU) remains closed to commercial flights and is anticipated to be shut until at least 23 May. French officials are deploying an additional 600 security personnel to New Caledonia to assist those already present. At least six people have been killed since the start of the rioting over a constitutional amendment regarding voting eligibility and hundreds more have been injured.