On 20 November 2019, the Israeli military stated that it had successfully struck dozens of Syrian and allied Iranian forces in Syria during “wide-scale” retaliatory strikes in Syria. The strikes targeted locations in several suburbs of Damascus, including Kisweh and Qudsaya, as well as Mazzeh Military Airport (OS67) in the western part of the city. Syrian state news agency SANA claimed that Syrian air defenses intercepted most of the Israeli missiles; however, the Israeli military stated that its fighter aircraft hit multiple targets, including surface-to-air missiles, weapons warehouses, military bases and several Syrian aerial defense batteries. SANA also stated that two civilians were killed and a number of others were wounded after being hit by shrapnel in Saasaa, located southwest of Damascus. Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that at least 11 fighters were killed. Israel launched the strikes in retaliation for rockets fired toward the Israeli-controlled area of the Golan Heights on 19 November.