On 13 March 2024, the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires issued a Security Alert, which reads in part as follows: “News reports indicate a recent increase in violence and killings by criminal groups in Rosario, Santa Fe. In recent days, buses, taxis, gas stations, and other public services in Rosario have been limited by the threat of violence, complicating daily activities. Government leaders have said they are taking steps to respond.

“The city of Rosario is designated as Level 2 (Exercise Increased Caution) due to crime.

“U.S. Embassy personnel are required to obtain prior approval when traveling to Rosario. Embassy personnel wishing to transit through Rosario to another destination must travel via the ring road, during the daytime and obtain approval. The ring road is defined as the highway “Av. Circunvalacion 25 de Mayo” and other major highways that feed into the ring road.”