On 12 August 2023, the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá issued a Security Alert, which reads in part as follows: “U.S. Citizens are reminded of the presence of terrorist and transnational criminal organizations within parts of Colombia. Visitors in Colombia should always be alert to the possibility that extremists may conduct attacks at any place and at any time with little or no warning. All visitors should be vigilant, maintain heightened situational awareness, and incorporate strong personal security practices into their daily activities.”

“Below are recent security related issues/incidents that highlight the threat present in-country:

  • On August 11, an improvised explosive device was discovered at the Camilo Daza International Airport in Cucuta, Norte de Santander. The device was controlled detonated by security officials and no injuries occurred.
  • On August 9, the Director General of the National Police stated that the Colombian Police are at “maximum alert” for potential actions by members of a terrorist organization due to recent enforcement actions carried out by security forces against the group.
  • On August 2, a Colombian National Police officer was shot and killed at close range by alleged members of a terrorist organization in the city of Neiva. The murder is believed to be part of a targeted killing campaign carried out by the terrorist group against the Colombian National Police.

“Three recent explosive-related incidents occurred in the urban area of Cali:

  • On July 29, a grenade was thrown at a police sub-station in the Alfonso Bonilla neighborhood resulting in the death of a police canine.
  • On July 30, a grenade was thrown at a police sub-station in the Mojica neighborhood but luckily the grenade failed to explode.
  • On August 5, a grenade was thrown at a police sub-station in the Charco Azul neighborhood causing material damage.

“Incidents of violence against Colombian security forces by illegally armed groups continue to occur on a regular basis in traditionally high-risk areas of the country.”