On 21 June 2020, officials in Australia’s Victoria state, where Melbourne is located, extended the state of emergency imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19 until 19 July. The order prohibits private home gatherings of more than five non-residents and public gatherings of more than 10 participants. In addition, no more than 20 people at a time may visit community centers, museums, places of worship, restaurants or other public gathering sites until at least 12 July. Meanwhile, officials are urging residents to continue working remotely and to avoid returning to their workplaces until at least 31 July. Police officers will enforce social distancing rules by conducting spot checks of homes and venues. Violators may be fined “on the spot”, with individuals facing up to 1,652 Australian dollars (1,129.32 U.S. dollars) and businesses facing up to 9,913 Australian dollars. Violators may also face court, which may assess fines of up to 20,000 Australian dollars for individuals and 100,000 Australian dollars for companies.