As of 11 May 2023, tensions remain high throughout Pakistan after the country’s Supreme Court ordered the immediate release of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, ruling that his arrest on corruption-related charges was illegal. Nevertheless, nationwide protests and episodes of social unrest have continued in several major cities. In the capital Islamabad, military personnel arrived in the city to assist local police officers with maintaining order after several nights of demonstrations. Security personnel are posted at checkpoints throughout the city and maintain a heavy presence near government buildings. Additionally, police officers closed the main highways leading to Islamabad. In Lahore, the capital of Punjab province, small-scale sporadic protests continue to occur; however, acts of violence and looting largely dissipated after military personnel deployed throughout the city. According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, social media and mobile internet data remain suspended throughout the country. At least eight people have been killed, and dozens more injured since the start of the protests on 9 May. More than 1,500 people have been detained.