Thousands of demonstrators plan to march on the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago, Illinois, on 15 August 2020 to protest police brutality. The march — which organizers expect will draw about 3,000 participants — is scheduled to begin at 1200 local time (1700 UTC) at Robert Taylor Park, located in the city’s South Side, and enter the northbound lanes of the highway using the 47th street ramp. Protesters then plan to leave the highway at an exit designated by the Illinois State Police. Multiple activist groups, including Tikkun Chai Inter-National and Chicago Activist Coalition for Justice, are organizing the march as part of the Black Lives Matter protest movement, which intensified following the death of a Black man in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in late May. Violence is an ever-present concern during protest gatherings in general, and the gatherings organized in major U.S. cities to protest police brutality are especially prone to turn violent. The situation in Chicago remains tense following a recent episode of unrest in the downtown area early on 10 August, during which individuals vandalized businesses and looted luxury stores in the city’s Magnificent Mile shopping district.