On 27 July 2023, thousands of people took to the streets throughout Peru on the first of three days of anti-government protests organized by labor unions and civil society groups. In the southern Puno department, protesters erected roadblocks on multiple regional highways, including the Binacional highway, the Desaguadero-Puno road, the Interoceanic highway, Macusani-Ayapata highway, and the Macusani-Ollachea highway. In the Juliaca department, protesters gathered outside Inca Manco Capac International Airport (SPJL/JUL); the demonstration remained peaceful and did not disrupt airport operations. Meanwhile in Lima, the first group of protesters began to congregate near Plaza San Martin in anticipation of further protests set to take place over the coming weekend. The protesters continue to call for President Dina Boluarte’s resignation and immediate general elections.