The threat level for Taiwan has been raised to 2 (Low) from 1 (Very Low) amid an increase in aggressive Chinese military drills in the maritime waters surrounding Taiwan, along with aggressive rhetoric from China regarding Taiwan’s reunification with the mainland, including implications that force will be used if necessary. On 4 August 2022, Chinese military forces conducted live-fire exercises in the northern South China Sea and launched several land-based ballistic missiles into the territorial waters near Taiwan’s northeastern and southwestern coasts. Although the latest military drills near Taiwan were posited as a direct response to a visit to the island by the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, it is highly likely that military drills of a lesser extent will continue to occur in the future. While there are several domestic issues internal to China that will likely mitigate the risk of significant, directed military acts against Taiwan for the near future, the overall risk calculation has changed enough that the assignment of a 2 (Low) threat level to Taiwan is appropriate