On the morning of 26 November 2023, unidentified gunmen launched attacks on a military armory — located at Wilberforce barracks in the capital Freetown — and multiple detention centers in the city, including the Pademba Road Prisons. In response, the government imposed a countrywide curfew as the military engaged the assailants in the Jui area just outside the capital city. According to Sierra Leone’s information minister, the attacks were coordinated and properly planned but military personnel repelled the assaults, during which 13 soldiers were reportedly killed. President Julius Maada Bio later declared that the situation in Freetown was calm, as most individuals who led the assaults were arrested. Some of those detained are current and former military officials, which suggests that the attacks could have been an attempt to take over the government. Nevertheless, government officials have yet to make any declaration to that effect. The initial curfew was annulled at 0600 local time/UTC on 27 November, but a new nightly curfew from 2100-0600 local time will be in effect countrywide until further notice.