As of 26 October 2020, unrest continues across parts of Nigeria. Security personnel are struggling to prevent individuals from looting government warehouses and politicians’ private homes. These individuals are looting food stockpiles reportedly intended for COVID-19 relief, although never distributed. Reports indicate that police officers in the capital Abuja fired live ammunition into the air and deployed tear gas to prevent residents from entering one such warehouse. In Calabar, individuals raided the homes of local politicians perceived to contain such relief stockpiles. Meanwhile, authorities continue to adjust curfew measures. Authorities in Kwara state imposed a lockdown in the Ilorin metropolis due to reports of looting, while officials in Adamawa state imposed a 24-hour curfew across the entire state.

Elsewhere in Nigeria, unidentified gunmen attacked Lingyado village in the Maru Local government area — which is located in Zamfara state approximately 390 km (240 mi) north-northwest of Abuja — and kidnapped the district head and four others. Security personnel stationed nearby managed to avert additional kidnappings. Authorities are currently searching for the abductees. The gunmen have not been identified. Authorities recently deployed additional security personnel to Zamfara state amid a rise in bandit activity.