The Kidnap and Ransom (K & R) industry provides insurance and negotiations for the high-priced kidnap cases which occur with shocking regularity all over the world…use the links below for information about this murky industry, and come back soon for more.

Testimony of Dr. Thomas R. Hargrove — Hargrove gives his account of being kidnapped by FARC (the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia) and held in captivity for 11 months. Come back soon for a reprint of Adventures in the Ransom Trade, an article by William Prochnau originally printed in Vanity Fair, about the Thomas Hargrove’s case.

Corporate Risk International (CRI) — offers their services in high-risk corporate security, including crisis response, hostage negotiation, and executive protection.

The U.S. State Department — issues travel warnings and Consular Information Sheets for countries where it is recommended that Americans avoid travel.

Fielding’s Danger Finder — a site that gives a listing of some of the world’s most dangerous places, information on their recent crime history, and a sense of how to get around more carefully should you venture into these countries.

Successful Meetings Magazine — an article from Successful Meetings Magazine designed to keep you out of harm’s way and make you more aware of your safety at international airports, hotels, meeting rooms and public places.

Chubb Group Of Insurance Companies — an insurance company that offers Kidnap and Ransom insurance.

Stening Simpson — an online insurance company of specialized risk brokers that offers policies for Kidnap & Ransom.

Henry Holt and Company — read an online interview with Ann Hagedorn Auerbach, author of Ransom: The Untold Story of International Kidnapping.

Overseas Teacher’s Digest — an article that describes how Kidnap & Ransom insurance can improve your odds for survival while traveling the world’s danger zones. — a story of how eight exiled Rwandan rebels raided a camp in Uganda and kidnapped 14 tourists.

Kroll Information Services — this company offers corporate clients a portfolio of products designed to support risk-management around the globe. This link provides a sample risk report on Colombia.

Wall Street Journal — this article discusses the high frequency of international kidnappings over the past few years and ways to safeguard against it.