On 13 May 2020, Chile’s Ministry of Health significantly expanded city-level quarantine measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the new order, all 32 municipalities within the Santiago metropolitan region, as well as the adjacent communities of Colina, Lampa, San Bernardo, Buin, Puente Alto and Padre Hurtado and the municipalities of Alto Hospicio and Iquique in Tarapacá region, will enter quarantine from 2200 local time on 15 May (0200 UTC on 16 May) until further notice. Checkpoints around the quarantined neighborhoods will limit traffic and slow the spread of COVID-19. Residents under city-level quarantine are required to remain indoors and obtain a government permit — a maximum of two per week are allotted per household — to travel in order to procure essential goods and services. Chile remains under a nationwide nightly curfew during 2200-0500 local time.