On 23 November 2020, Saudi authorities confirmed that Houthi rebels in Yemen were responsible for a missile attack that struck a Saudi Aramco distribution facility located north of the city of Jeddah earlier in the day at approximately 0400 local time (0100 UTC). The attack ignited a fuel tank at the facility. Authorities stated that firefighters managed to contain and extinguish the fire, and that there were no casualties. Officials for the company reported that the attack destroyed approximately 10% of the fuel stored at the site and that one of the facility’s 13 tanks is currently unusable. In response to the attack, Saudi officials launched a retaliatory strike against Houthi military supply lines and vehicles east of the Yemeni city of Sana’a.

Analyst Comment: The attack is similar to previous Houthi attacks targeting Saudi oil and energy infrastructure, but this is the first time the Houthis have successfully targeted a facility in the vicinity of Jeddah. Attacks more commonly affect locations near the border with Yemen.