Officials expect notable disruptions to aviation and transportation services across Finland on 25 November 2019, as the Transport Workers’ Union (AKT), the Finnish Seafarers’ Union (SMU) and the Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) have called for strikes in support of an ongoing labor action by postal workers. Bus transportation in the capital Helsinki will likely experience significant disruptions and the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) has warned residents that it will not arrange for substitute services during the strike. Flight cancellations and delays at Finnish airports — including Helsinki Airport (EFHK/HE) — could begin on 24 November, as IAU members include ground handling and airport security inspection personnel. Finnair employees are also likely to participate in the strike; additionally, the SMU strike is likely to disrupt ferry services. Negotiations between authorities and union members to end the postage workers’ strike are expected to continue through the upcoming weekend of 23-24 November; the unions will likely rescind the planned labor actions if a settlement regarding wages and working conditions is reached. Nevertheless, travelers should be prepared for disruptions that could occur during the strike and should adjust their travel plans accordingly.