On 24 January 2020, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade updated its travel advice to read in part as follows:

“We have raised the travel advice for all Australians to do not travel to all of Hubei Province. The Chinese authorities have put new measures in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Strict travel restrictions have been imposed in Wuhan and a number of other cities in Hubei Province. Authorities could impose further restrictions across Hubei Province with little notice. If you travel to Hubei Province at this time you may not be allowed to depart until travel restrictions are lifted. Existing measures including wearing masks in public places and avoiding travel in and out of cities in Hubei Province remain in place. Authorities may expand travel restrictions as the outbreak develops. Monitor local and international media for further updates, and contact your travel agent and airlines for information.

“In January, Chinese authorities identified an outbreak of a new type of coronavirus, in Wuhan City in Hubei Province. If you have travelled to Hubei Province and have developed symptoms of respiratory illness, contact your doctor. See our health section for more information.”