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17.12.17  /  Low  /   – About Today - Sunday 17 December


17.12.17 About Today - Sunday 17 December

Bahrain: National Day & Accession to the Throne Bhutan: National Day Judaism: Hanukkah

16.12.17  /  High  /  Senegal – ATC At Blaise Diagne Airport Strike


16.12.17 Senegal ATC At Blaise Diagne Airport Strike

Image result for blaise diagne airport Senegal (Security threat level - 3): On 15 December 2017, air traffic controllers at Blaise Diagne International Airport (GOBD/DSS), the newly opened international airport servicing Dakar, embarked on a 24-hour strike to protest working conditions and insufficient training with new equipment at the facility. According to local media, commercial flight operations at the facility have halted as a result of the strike; however, the labor action has not affected medical and military flights. Workers are demanding increased stipends for transport to the airport, which is located approximately 50 km (30 mi) from Dakar, as well as additional training. Union leaders have threated to extend the duration of the strike if their demands are not met. Blaise Diagne International Airport was inaugurated on 7 December to replace Dakar’s Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport (GOOY/DKR).

16.12.17  /  Medium  /  Honduras – Nationwide Strike


16.12.17 Honduras Nationwide Strike

A nationwide general strike got underway in Honduras at 0600 local time (1200 UTC) on 15 December 2017. The opposition alliance organized the strike to protest against alleged electoral fraud in the 26 November presidential election. The alliance did not specify an end time for the strike; a similar action by the opposition on 11 December lasted until 1800 local time. The general strike has not paralyzed daily activities in the country, but it is causing intermittent transportation issues on various roadways, as addressed below. In the capital Tegucigalpa, protesters threw debris and burning tires on several thoroughfares, disrupting vehicular movement. Additionally, opposition supporters in the outskirts of Tegucigalpa placed nails and spilled petroleum products on the streets in order to obstruct vehicular traffic. Police officers are removing the blockades, and there have been no reports of clashes between demonstrators and security forces. In the northern parts of the country, including in the city of San Pedro Sula, protesters have also taken to the streets at various locations. Multiple roads remain closed due to debris and burning tires.

16.12.17  /  High  /  Israel – Protesters and Israeli Security Forces Clash


16.12.17 Israel Protesters and Israeli Security Forces Clash

Palestinian protesters and Israeli security forces clashed during demonstrations in cities throughout the West Bank and in Jerusalem on 15 December 2017, as demonstrations continue against U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In Jerusalem, protesters clashed with police officers outside the Damascus Gate -- one of the entrances to the Old City -- and there were additional reports of unrest in Arab-majority East Jerusalem. Officers arrested at least two demonstrators and increased security throughout the Old City. In Ramallah, a Palestinian assailant stabbed and lightly injured an Israeli border guard near the settlement of Beit El. Police officers shot and critically injured the suspect. Photographs from the scene show that the assailant was wearing what appeared to be an explosive belt, but this has not been confirmed. In Bethlehem, approximately 40 Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli security forces near Rachel’s Tomb, and demonstrators marched through the city. The protesters threw Molotov cocktails and rocks and also set tires on fire near the Jacir Palace Hotel. Israeli security forces responded with tear gas. There were no reports of injuries on either side. There were additional reports of clashes in Qalandiya, Hebron and on the border between Israel and Gaza. Also, in protest of the decision to recognize Jerusalem, the head of Nazareth’s municipal council announced that Christmas celebrations will be canceled.

16.12.17  /  High  /  India – Religiously Motivated Violence


16.12.17 India Religiously Motivated Violence

As of 15 December 2017, tensions are high in Udaipur, a popular tourist city in the northern state of Rajasthan, due to recent incidents of religiously motivated violence. The tensions are related to an incident that occurred in early December, when a Hindu man killed a Muslim laborer and posted a video of the act online. Based on comments the perpetrator makes in the video, it is evident that the killing was religiously motivated. Police officers arrested the perpetrator shortly after the video surfaced. On 14 December Hindus staged protests in Udaipur in support of the killer, defying a ban on public gatherings. The protesters threw stones, and police officers responded with baton charges. Officers arrested 80 people; it is not known if any injuries occurred. The ban on public gatherings remains in place in Udaipur and the nearby district of Rajsamand. Authorities have also halted mobile internet services in those districts in an attempt to prevent the distribution of messages that incite violence. It is not known whether any protests occurred on 15 December, but the threat of additional incidents of unrest remains.

16.12.17  /  Extreme  /  Philippines – Tropical Storm Kai Tak Tracking


16.12.17 Philippines Tropical Storm Kai Tak Tracking

Image result for fco Philippines (Security threat level - 4): As of 0900 UTC on 15 December 2017, Tropical Storm Kai-Tak was located approximately 785 km (485 mi) east-northeast of Manila, tracking westward at a speed of 1.8 kph (1.2 mph). The tropical storm’s slow movement has resulted in heavy rainfall, flash flooding, mudslides and landslides in the Philippines, and these conditions are expected to continue into 18 December. Kai-Tak was generating maximum sustained winds of 83 kph (53 mph) with gusts of up to 102 kph (63 mph); additional strengthening is possible over the next 24 hours. According to meteorologists at Wilkens Weather Technologies, Kai-Tak will weaken to depression status by 18 December after tracking across land. The storm is expected to re-intensify after reaching the South China Sea on 19-20 December.
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